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2321 dls
May 18, 2006
A number of files containing GalCiv 2 in-game text, edited for grammar, readability, consistency, and logic.

With these files: small hulls are no longer "ideal for a heavy figher," you no longer equip your ships with "qauntum driver II," UP votes display as changes/week (rather than /month), large and huge hulls are presented with their correct logistics values, and much more.

A total of 10 files (out of a total 18) are corrected:

TechTree, GC2_Ships, InvTactics, Political Parties, Anomalies, Starbase Modules, GC2_Types, Planet Improvements, Events, UP Issues.

Four files (MapRaceInfo, ResourceTypes, CustomPlanets, and AbilityBonuses) are fine as is. RaceConfig is fine, and probably shouldn't be messed with (by me).

The only .xml files left to edit are three big ones: Flavor Text, GC2_Conversations, and GC2_Hints. I hope to tackle the first two pretty soon.