460 kb
3473 dls
March 24, 2006
This is my initial attempt at creating the Irken Empire as a custom race for GC2. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Irken Empire, just run a serach for Invader Zim. (I recommend the Wiki-page, but any search engine will do.) There are four available portraits in this ZIP: one of A.T. Red, one of A.T. Purple, and two of both of them together. The raceconfig file uses the one of A.T. Red.

To install, just copy and paste the files in the ZIP to their corresponding folders in your My Documents\GalCiv2\ect\ect. They're organized in the ZIP the way they should be on your HD to minimize any confusion.

If anyone out there knows how to tweak which and how many ships a race starts with, please post a comment on this mod to let me know. I'd love to add The Massive (probably just a med/lg vessel) and a number of Voot Cruisers (probably just half a dozen defenders) as starting vessels.