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April 23, 2006
Terran Alliance Federated Fleet Multi Ship pack ** For use with v 1.1 beta2 and later only **. 19 Human ships of various classes and Hull sizes designed for use by the Terran Alliance. Ships are base hulls only. No Weapons, Engines, Defenses, Sensors, or Modules are attached. The player can add things at their pleasure. Most will appear in the game with only the required Hull size tech researched. "Read Me First.text" file included in zip has full instructions.
Version 1.1 uploaded to correct issue with Heinlein Base colony ship not appearing. Only change is corrected xml file for that ship. To fix in eoriginal version, there are two methods, you only need to do one.

1)Open the Heinleinbase.xml file, and make the following changes:
Model line should Read: 'UD_HeinleinBase0' not 'UD_HeinleinBase'. Description line should read: 'Heinlein Base'. (No quotes).


2)Change the filename of the 'S0_UD_HeinleinBase0.shipcfg' file to 'S0_UD_HeinleinBase.shipcfg'