26 kb
2379 dls
August 11, 2006
something green, can't really think of a decent name. Custom made material, transparant background,

Enjoy ;)
21 kb
1998 dls
May 22, 2006
Custom Hyrule logo from the L.O.Z series. Enjoy.
26 kb
2508 dls
May 16, 2006
Cutting circles gets you... cut circles? who would have guessed. Enjoy the cutted cuttery of cutted circles. (which were cutted, by circles)

Race logo.
11 kb
1597 dls
May 16, 2006
Boredom is the mother of invention. Well, not really. But I made this at a rather random moment. Enjoy this home-cooked logo. (The red circles might look misplaced, But that is because shadows tend to be dark and black, and so is the website background)
33 kb
1445 dls
May 16, 2006
Is it a house? Or some sort of face thingie? Nay! it's another logo.
30 kb
1506 dls
May 16, 2006
Oh noes! They conquered Earth. Now they're mighty enough for their own star faring empire! Will their ships crash as much as their PCs?

Custom created material. enjoy
18 kb
2215 dls
April 21, 2006
I randomly named this "Trilipse" but a few minutes later I noticed that isn't really right. Either way, here's another fresh logo from the oven.
15 kb
2495 dls
April 21, 2006
Dont be confused with the purple heart medal, This is something else. A race logo to be precise.
18 kb
2505 dls
March 30, 2006
Green Elipse logo, Transparant background.
Place the PNG in your my documents/my games/Galciv2/logos folder
23 kb
2484 dls
March 30, 2006
A very simple logo in Elipse shape. Transparant Background

Place in your my documents/my games/galciv2/logos folder.