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December 1, 2006
THe ECS-J type hull, bassed on the trading ship from "startrek enterprise."
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September 4, 2006
My take on the Saurians from Starfox Adventures. Imagine a race of spacefaring dinosaurs! It just screams awesome.

Pac includes: race config file, portrait, custom ships

- all ships use very advanced tech
- I do not own this name, or image, the saurians belong to Rare Ware and Nintendo
- The race currently uses one of the included symbols, if you have an idea for a symbol, drop me a line at lucrup@shaw.ca
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July 31, 2006
Presenting the faction logos from Alpha Centauri. If you are into turn based strategy, chances are you have played Alpha Centauri, and if you haven't... WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!

Includes 14 logos, some of which may look a little distorted, but I did my best to clear them up.

I may even update them with i higher rezolution in the future.