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December 15, 2008
It has been a long time since I last uploaded my original Star Trek insignia, but in celebration of it being received well, I decided to create a revised edition.

This version contains all of the color variations you see in the preview; a TOS, TNG and blue Zero edition in conjunction with the still upcoming film. (will it ever be released!?)

I hope you enjoy these! Have fun!

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January 27, 2007
This is just the Star Trek insignia that I recreated for myself. I thought I would put it out there since I thought I did a decent job of matching the same style of the logos used in-game.

Have fun!

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January 25, 2007
I'm not even sure HOW I got this idea, but I decided to make a race of Tonberries from the Final Fantasy universe! I thought some of you might get a kick out of this... Anyway, I made up the logo, and then used an old picture of an alien from one of the Star Trek shows and edited it to look like a real life Tonberry. (some of you might prefer to go out and find a more true looking one from the games) Hope some of you like it!