2 mb
31459 dls
March 30, 2006
28 custom ships, variants for each hull size.
4/23/2007 1:08:21 PM
Wasn't able to get these to work, despite all the post and instructions. Tried everything. even re-updating.

1/30/2007 11:29:49 AM
No ships showing up for me in the shipyard. Got collectors edition, unzipped the hulls into the correct folder (does it matter that those files are no XML-files like my personally created ships?), even updated the game again - what am I doing wrong?

12/10/2006 7:16:26 AM
it its my first

10/31/2006 10:38:20 AM
nice samples, but i like most others can't I get this thing to work. someone come up with a reasonable solution, please.

10/22/2006 1:15:13 PM
Anglemar, Have you had any other mods to work?

10/17/2006 10:46:29 PM
Same problem as the below posters ........ any thoughts?

8/13/2006 6:14:51 PM
Hmm I've done everything listed on this page (i.e. getting Collectors pack and updating again, putting it in the correct directory, etc) and it still doesn't show up :(

I've even tried to research several engine techs with no results.

I've even tried making the shipclass files into XML and it still doesn't work.

I'm using version 1.2. Help, please!

7/25/2006 4:59:42 PM
This mod does not have the ship's XML files, which all of the other ship mods I have installed had included in the download. Wouldn't I need the XML files to access these ships?

7/2/2006 5:03:02 PM
These ships are not showing up, and my game is fully updated with collectors edition stuff installed. I have kryo's mod installed, is that stoping these ships from appearing in game?

6/29/2006 9:55:13 PM
help me out rabid monkey. i have version 1.2 collectors edition. i installed your ships to the exact place that i was supposed to, but they are still not showing up. even after researching impulse drive and medium hulls. i am using the kryo hulls mod. would that make a difference?

5/14/2006 5:21:53 PM
Absolutely beautiful :)

For those still having trouble, to get these ships to show up:
01) Extract the files into \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships (for single-player) and/or \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Metaverse (for metaverse)
02) Make sure you've downloaded the the Collector's Edition Bonus Pack and updated the game to the latest version.
03) Start a new game. The ships will not show up in a saved game.
04) Research the necessary hull AND engine techs

5/2/2006 9:51:58 AM
These are the best ships by far from anything I have seen here. Just downloading your ships and then modifying them myself gave me really excellent ideas - your creativity is excellent.

Btw, when will you be releasing the new hulls? Also, is there any hulls you might do from the other races?



4/28/2006 5:01:11 PM
I have 1.1 installed, downloaded the collector's edition content, and have all of these warship files installed in \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships, But I still cant ge any of the hulls to show, not even the cargo hulls. What am i doing wrong? Do i have to retro-patch to beta? if so, where can i get that patch?

4/26/2006 5:33:00 PM
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a set of outstandingly well designed terran looking ships. The single best download (by far) in the library as of 26/04/06.

4/22/2006 3:39:16 AM
Thanks for the nice comment. Now for everyone still having trouble, I apologize again for forgotting to put in how to install in the readme (that was really stupid..), but all you need to do is read the comments here from bottom to top, read woody's and mineecially, and should get the ships working without problems.

I have a new version comping up with more ships and an index so you can install only the ones you like. And it will actually have instructions on how to install ;P.

4/17/2006 2:44:05 PM
I've put the files in \My Documents\My Games|GalCiv2\ships but they do not show up in the shipyard. I've researched every hull tech. Please help this noob.

4/11/2006 7:51:15 AM
wow. very well designed rabid monkey. thanks!

4/10/2006 7:25:10 AM
Yes Galaxor. You need the Beta installed in order to see the ships. I've been playing the Beta for a while, and it has some nice features. I've had one or two crashes, but for the most part it's stable.

Rabid_Monkey, these ship designs are top notch and very well done. They are a blast to use in the game!

4/9/2006 9:21:33 AM
Sorry to bother, but I canĀ“t see the new hulls in the game, although I followed all the instructions given here.
I can only see the hulls that I designed myself, and they are located in the same directory as the downloaded files...
I have the latest official version - do I need the Beta installed to get the ships?

4/8/2006 3:12:29 AM
Woody thanks for finding out the problem! I will be sure to include that in my next version readme, which will contain some 50 hulls haha.

About the fast colonizer, I think the core design is not maximizing the full space potential of the cargo hulls, you can in fact fit one additional engine to the hull: Colony module + 2 engines on turn one, it's more expensive but faster! which is more important in the first months of the game.

Don't use core designs man, they mostly suck ;P Anyway the answer to your question is : It has nothing to do with my hulls.

4/7/2006 5:29:55 PM
OK I have a question. When I start a new game I ma able to use your hulls, but much to my surprise I am able to make a speed 5 colony ship on the first turn using one of your crgo hulls. How is this possible, when I use a core unit I can only make a speed 3, as they both have 55 build points available? I'm not complanining :) I just would like to know.


4/6/2006 12:23:12 PM
Yup, Woody's work around works. Very well done designs, 5 stars indeed.

4/4/2006 8:16:29 PM

When you add the collector bonus pack to the Retail version you must once again update the game! This allows you to see the ships :)


4/4/2006 12:16:27 PM
Please see my post below to make sure the files are in the right directory. Note that metaverse games and single non-metaverse games stores ships in different directories.

As for not seeing the ships in the game, I don't know why, all I know is you won't see them all at the start of the game until you have the required hull AND engine techs (This is a 'bug', I dont think engine tech should be required for empty hulls, but as of 1.1beta2, it is).

Regardless, you should at least see a couple of transport hulls. If you don't.. I really don't have a clue why, sorry!

4/3/2006 6:05:58 PM
That is exactly what happened to me. I would LOVE to se those ships!

4/3/2006 5:56:24 PM
Those ships are extremely cool, having looked at the preview images. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the files to work in my game.

I reinstalled the Collector's Edition patches, downloaded the ships, and moved all the files into the \My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships folder as directed. When I start a new game as a Human, however, the ships don't appear anywhere in the shipyard. Do I have to install any other patches or manipulate the files in any manner in order to be able to use them? It just seems I'm missing something.

4/3/2006 11:13:59 AM
Woody and Identitystolen:

These are empty hulls, you upgrade them with components the normal way in game using the ship designer. The goal of this set is just to provide you with multiple different looking designs for each hull class, so you can quickly customize your ship designs without having to spend much time in ship designer.

They are all for looks, doesn't do anytning else ;P... and I'll put up a new set with more hulls using the new tools in the beta.

4/3/2006 3:23:48 AM
Well I added those hulls and I see them in the game, but I have no clue what exactly to do with them. What do you mean by new cargo hulls for a fresh new game? Please explain ti to this slow newb. thx and sorry for such a newbie question. I LOVE the designs, I just don't know how to make use of them

4/2/2006 9:44:39 PM
I take it these are blank hulls, or do they come loaded?

4/2/2006 2:09:16 AM

It's in your 'My Documents' folder. You were probably looking at your GalCiv game folder in your 'Program files' folder?

Huh? I used the built in ship designer, you need to download the bonus pack which is free from stardock.

As you research more techs (Mostly hull and engine techs), the ships will show up in your ship designer. But there should be two cargo hulls already there for any fresh new game, so make sure you put the files in the correct directory.


4/1/2006 6:38:06 PM
How are these Ships incorporated into a game ? I see no option to select them.. :(

4/1/2006 2:58:11 PM
Which design is this for? human, alterian?

4/1/2006 2:17:05 PM
I installed the game, and have all the updates...but I dont have a galciv2\ships folder. Should I just make one and put em in there?

4/1/2006 11:39:23 AM
What program did you use to make these hulls in?

3/31/2006 12:50:08 PM
OH! Sorry guys I forgot to say how to install..duhhh, here it is:

It is alittle different for standard and metaverse games:
(1) Metaverse games:

Put all of the files to this directory:
\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Metaverse

(2) Standard games:

Put all of the files to this directory:
\My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\ships

Note that you do not need to copy the ship previews, I included those just to give you an idea what each hull looks like before the neccesary hull techs becomes available.

3/31/2006 12:11:25 PM
um.. :P how do you install them?

3/31/2006 8:16:36 AM
Do I dare look at these? If I do, I may never be happy with my patch-work Frankensteinenian ugly ships.