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8327 dls
May 22, 2006
I whipped this up by converting a Bridge Commander model and adding hard-points. The textures are reasonable, and it has a fairly low poly-count. It shouldn't put much of a dent in performance.

UPDATE: This is a complete rewrite of my earlier release with smoother curves and proper colors on the ends of the nacells. I also resized and rearranged the hardpoints. I believe it's an improvement.

12/28/2006 4:01:49 AM
Hey Matthew, i've added some specular lighting to your model, would it be okay to put it up here in the library?

9/1/2006 8:53:36 PM
ok . .so as a noob, WHICH set do you put in and thumbnail???

7/4/2006 2:47:39 PM
Great ship though add some extra hardpoints inside the nacells for engines and a few more around the outside.

7/2/2006 7:08:10 PM
Rivak, I see what you mean about the characters not working!

'Hull Name="MediumHull"'
'Description'Medium hulls are perfect for making frigates and other mid-sized attack ships. They use 4 logistics points so you can't build as big of fleets with them but they are much tougher than small or tiny ships.'/Description'
'Tech_Requirement'Medium Scale Building'/Tech_Requirement'

If that doesn't come across right I aint doing it again!

email me and i'll send the notepad example with the thumbnail.

Oh, to anyone who does email me please state in the subject feild that your after the enterprise thumbnail, my junk mail filter is set to high so i might miss the request otherwise


7/2/2006 6:56:16 PM
I think I have a solution for all of you who are having problems getting the TOS Constitution to work. I had the same problem with the model and as I know nothing about modding I decided to reverse engineer one of the hulls that do work. If you follow these instructions you should get yourself up and running.

In the Data/English/GC2Types.xml I entered the following code:-

Medium hulls are perfect for making frigates and other mid-sized attack ships. They use 4 logistics points so you can't build as big of fleets with them but they are much tougher than small or tiny ships.
Medium Scale Building

I then renamed the X-file, which I saved in the normal model file with the PNG files, to:-


Finaly I made my own Thumbnail for the model naming it simply S0_Medium_3 and saving it into the GFX/Thumbnail folder. Alternativly you could just use one of the existing thumbnails, just remeber to change the thumnail in the command code!
(I used the print screen function to get an in game shot of the Enterprised then I simply pasted it into Microsoft Picture It! Photo Standard 9 and resized it down to the correct pixel size and saved as a PNG!!!! Low tech but effective)

If anyone wants the thumbnail drop me an email and i shall be happy to send it to you.

Coincedently, the thumbnail command was never in the original code for the model, could that be the main reason for it not working???

Anyways, I hope that helps, it done the trick for me.



6/7/2006 1:12:16 AM
Thanks Matthew. I removed the S99_ part from the Hull line but I still don't see it in a new game. No worries. Probably missed something on my part. I'll wait for your update. Thanks again for your help!

6/6/2006 9:46:50 PM

That all looks right, except that you don't need the "S99_" part on the "Hull" line. I'd be surprised if that prevented it from appearing though. I'm not sure why else it wouldn't appear. I'll take a look at this and upgrade it to the 1.2[b] standard for mods pretty soon. Hopefully that will reduce the number of issues with actually getting things into the game.

Oh yea, new game right? I don't think it will show up in a saved game.

6/6/2006 11:45:11 AM
Jesus, that should read

Hull Name="S99_Constitution"
'DisplayName'Enterprise 1701'/DisplayName'
'Description'Enterprise 1701'/Description'


Thanks again.

6/6/2006 11:36:15 AM
Does this work with v1.2 Beta 2? I did the following:

Downloaded the zip file and unzipped it with winrar. This produced a folder in my Gal Civ 2 Ship Mods (my own folder) called TOS Constitution - Release. This folder contained Constitution1.png through Constitution5.png, Constitution.X, and the two readme files.

I changed Constitution.X to S99_Constitution.X and copied it and the .png files into my Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\gfx\models folder.

I then modified the Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\Data\English\GC2Types.xml file and added:

'Hull Name="S99_Constitution"'
'DisplayName>Enterprise 1701Enterprise 170180'/Cost'



Replace the ' with the "shift ," and "shift ." characters. This website won't display the proper character.

I show the /GC2 just to show that the file was placed at the bottom and was closed properly. I used notepad. I left out the 'Tech_Requirement'Medium Scale Building'/Tech_Requirement' so I could see if all went well. I started a new game as Yor but I don't see the ship, or the hull or whatever. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Appears to be a nice model and thanks for the work you put into it. I just can't see it, lol.

6/4/2006 11:00:44 AM
Hey, thanks man. I'll be looking foreward to it! Excellent!

Live long and prosper . . .

6/2/2006 2:19:04 PM
Thanks to SpineTingle for clarifying the gc2types.xml information. Unfortunately, the mod system for GC2 is a bit weak until the official 1.2 release. It's really only for people who already have some modding experience to make them work in the current version. I'll update my mods as soon as I can figure out a better way of handling it.

unezrdr: I'm working on a project to do this, but it's a HUGE undertaking. I'd probably have converted some more ships by now, but I've been too caught up in the components work. It takes quite awhile to check if various components look like they make sense connected to others, but hopefully I can at least finish off the Enterprise-era group I've got. It's the smallest, as there isn't as much material to work with. :)

6/2/2006 10:42:47 AM
Great model, but I was wondering, is there any chance of creating seperate components of the ship as jewelry? I'm a big fan of Franz Joseph's work, and would like to design a destroyer/scout based on his Starfleet Technical Manual for use in GalCiv. I'm not a modeler, so am dependant on the fine work of those like yourself for these things. Thanks!

6/1/2006 8:33:09 AM
Success! Thanks Jan - you were right on with the "Hull Name=" statements. Now to go conquer.... ah, I mean explore the universe ;-)

5/31/2006 2:48:38 PM
Hmm, the lines doesn't display I see.

I'll try it again.

The line you need to change is:
Hull Name="S0_Constitution"

And for the NX-Class:
Hull Name="S0_NX01"


5/31/2006 2:43:14 PM
First of all, thanks to SP for the solution to my/pur problem. :)
I was actually thinking doing that aswell, but I thought "Nah, those that have that are complete ships, can't be that." :p I guess I was on to something after all. :D

The line you need to change is:

For the NX-Class you change it to:

The file you need to change is the one in the main game folder, not the one you find under My Documents/My Games/GalCiv2 etc....
Also, the models must be placed in the main folder, not My Games etc....

In case neither of these cases are the cause of your problems, there's a third thing to remember.

Saved games will not pick up these new additions to the game. Nor will it notice the new armed ships you may have created in a different game. Atleast it doesn't for me.
In order to play with these new models you'll have to start a brand new game.

5/30/2006 8:43:55 PM
SP, thanks for posting the fix here but I just wanted to clarify which "Constitution" you add the "S99_" (or "S0_" for humans only) to in the GC2Types.xml file. Is it the "Hull Name=" line or the "" section? I've tried both but can't seem to get the Enterprise to show up in my ship list. I also played around with the various ship attrributes (e.g. I increased the size to 45 and the speed to 2 just to see what would happen) - did you do the same or are you using the defaults? Thanks for your help.

5/28/2006 11:05:35 PM
Whoops. Slightly incomplete post that last. The juice I missed was that the S99_ means any race can use that hull. If you wanted to restrict it to other races, use there disriptor in place of the 99 (ie, S0 for human, ect.) Without a discriptor, galciv doesn't make this hull available for any race.

The script change is in the first line of the text you paste into gc2types.xml. Change the word consitution to s99_constitution to match the renamed file.



5/28/2006 11:01:10 PM
Finally found the answer to mine own question from another post. The key is to rename the .x file by proceeding the filename with S99_ , therefore you should change constitution.x to S99_constitution.x . I also alterted the script in the GC2types.xml to reflect this change in the first line. ie. I changed to .

Once again, great model. The lighting looks a little wonkey. The sauser section's lighting seems way to high. I can barely make out the registry numbers.

Still, she looks hot,


5/27/2006 4:41:12 PM
Any answers to SpineTingle256's question? I have the same problem - followed the instructions in the readme.txt file but can't see the Enterpise. I tried the scenario where you have all technologies and even commented out the tech requirement line to see if I could see the ship but no luck.

btw, thanks for creating this model. It is through hard work by guys like you that make the game more enjoyable for the rest of us!

5/26/2006 6:25:06 PM
The scrennies look awesome, but I'm having a heck of a time getting this to work. I copied the .x and .png files to gfx\models and pasted the spec's into gc2types.xml, but no luck. I tried moving the script into the same part of gc2types as the rest of the hulls. Still no luck.

Any ideas??

5/26/2006 11:36:48 AM
Dustin: Looks like you need to add ".zip" to the end before unzipping it. I'm certain that wasn't the filename I uploaded, but it always downloads as just "TOS" right now. Might be a bug with spaces in the upload page.

mehbacca: Thanks! I mostly just added the hardpoints, however. I'm looking into doing some of those other ships soon too, but I've been busy with another project for a bit. It should also speed things along once 1.2 is out.

5/25/2006 2:21:02 PM
What do you use to unzip it?

5/23/2006 10:23:15 AM
Great Model. Is there any way you can make a Miranda class, Excelsior, and maybe a Galaxy?

5/17/2006 9:48:05 AM
Looks great, Thankx!