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March 4, 2006
This is the offcial logo of The Colonial Fleet. It represents the Twelve Colonies of Man and shows the ancient symbol of the planet Kobol, the fabled birth planet of the human race. It is derived from the seal of the Colonial Battlestar Galactica (BSG 75). Feel free to use it as your Metaverse or in-game player logo. Instructions are included in the readme.txt file.
5/13/2006 12:28:58 PM
Yeah! It's looks like wery cool! Can somebody do sihip on Batlestar Galactica? (I'm from Finland. I speak bad english.) GalCiv II on paras! (finnish language)

3/26/2006 4:09:32 AM
hmmm... either way it could be a problem because of differing hull colors. but even if it was black on a black hull the white trim should make it stand out.

3/16/2006 8:26:08 AM
No problem. Question is: What colour is best for ship hulls? Maybe black with a light trim to be on the safe side?

3/15/2006 11:38:44 PM
haha and now we will be able to add it to ship hulls so you'd better make another version of it, and good job 858 downloads so far

3/10/2006 11:52:00 AM
There you go. Made it from my own vector version of the BSG 75 logo. If you want that one too, give me a shout.

3/9/2006 9:32:32 AM
I was hopeing someone already did one of these, so I didn't have to :)

3/7/2006 1:48:30 AM
Yeah, that would be neat! Something to suggest for a future patch...

3/6/2006 10:39:34 PM
Great logo admiral, i wish we could at it to ship hulls