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July 15, 2006
Terran fighter pack

Something for you fighter freaks out there:

The pack contains tiny (fighters) and small (corvettes - or call them heavy fighters or whatever...) ships, 10 each, for the human ship style.

All of the ships are basic hulls with extras. No engines, weapons etc. attached. Note that you will have to research Advanced Hulls to get access to fighters 07 - 10. The reason is simply that I wanted to use the second human tiny hull (cockpit) for some of the fighters and it becomes available only then. All the others you should see in the ship designer right after you start a new game.

Be warned that some of them (especially the fighters) more or less look like aircraft (wings and stuff), but hey, that's what they do in pretty much any SF-movie, right? Anyway, you can look at the pics I included before extracting the files.

I stole the naming convention from Rabid_Monkey that he used in his great Imperial ship-pack:

z[designation] Croc-xx

Designation is:
FGT (fighter) - tiny or
CRV (corvette) - small.

You need GalCiv2 version 1.2 (might work with 1.1 but I couldn't check) and the Collector's Edition stuff to use them. Please update BEFORE you unzip the files.

Their .shipcfg-files are all less than 20 KB so they should not effect your gameplay too much.

INSTALLATION: Unzip the .xml and .shipcfg files into your ...\My Games\GalCiv2 or ...\My Games\GalCiv2\ships directory, depending on if you use folder names when unzipping or not.

Hope you like them,

have fun!
2/26/2007 9:53:57 PM
Croc - like I mentioned on your other ship-set... thanks for uploading your ships. After I got your other set I came back here to see if you'd made any others - and yea! you had!

Thanks so much... my games feel even better with these brilliant designs.

10/22/2006 10:38:38 AM
OKay I can't get this mod to work. I can't get any mod to work. Anyone have any suggestions??

8/17/2006 3:46:44 PM
I was thinking of putting a pack togeather myself, could you give me some advice? PLEASE?
E-mail: lucrup@shaw.ca

8/13/2006 4:38:34 PM
These are really cool, I definitely recommend downloading and trying this one out.

7/17/2006 1:42:05 PM
Some really nice ships in this pack!! WTG

7/15/2006 10:03:34 PM
Great job again! I really have enjoyed the larger ships that you have done previously. I was feeling all excited about my designs and then I saw what other like yourself have done. Like I said... great job. Thanks for posting them for us to enjoy.