19 mb
5572 dls
August 30, 2006
Transformers Conversion for GCII
by Darth Griffin

New Title image
Trade Route Established image
New major races inc. minor offshoots
New race logos to suit new races
New planets
A new sound effect for the title screen menu
New Title music

This is currently the BETA version of the mod. As far as i am aware there are no major issues with the mod. This version is designed to be run from the mods folder! It is possible to use the files contained to overwrite the game files, and in doing this the games played would be submissible for the Metaverse. This mod was designed with that in mind.

Please post any issues or questions you have in the thread in the GCII forums: http://forums.galciv2.com/?forumid=162&aid=125753#980007

Updates to the mod will be posted at: http://blog.thegalacticcore.com/ before being uploaded here

Thanks for downloading the mod and enjoy!!

File size = 18.8 MB
8/31/2006 4:08:44 PM
the original? oh.. you keep it update so no one forget it? nice idea!

8/31/2006 7:59:55 AM
No this is the original. New one due out today at some point!!

8/31/2006 6:48:28 AM
is that the new beta? I would like to try this out!

8/14/2006 7:52:54 PM
Credit where credit is due! Plus your planets look fantastic!!!!

8/14/2006 6:08:29 PM
thanks again about the credit, I just didn't get mentioned ever before