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March 6, 2006
This is a Race Logo based on the hit tv-show Firefly.
6/26/2007 9:50:01 PM
Nice logo. And for those who are looking for Alliance and Independent race logos, I've got them up. They are still pending approval as of this post.

1/2/2007 1:45:43 AM
Has anyone tried to actually make a serenity ship? That would be an awsome small freighter.

10/5/2006 4:38:52 AM
There's aren't enough Firefly things for GalCiv2.

7/31/2006 7:29:41 AM
What the hell is "Firefly"?

6/18/2006 4:45:42 PM
lol Hey, i tihnk in the "bushwhacked" or "ariel" you can see the alliance symbol. If not there try the movie. The browncoats mightnot have been shown. try watching serenity part 1(the episode not the movie)

4/24/2006 10:43:57 PM
I'd kill for a Browncoats and Alliance logo.
You don't even know what I'd do to get 'Verse ships.

4/9/2006 12:23:08 AM
I was just watching some of the episodes of this show on dvd b4 i found this! fun times

3/7/2006 8:18:37 PM
Woot. 'Nuff said.