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October 12, 2006
A hammer & sickle for any communists out there.
8/21/2008 10:50:42 PM
Ich liebe kommunismus!

Loyal Communist Comrade till death, Hammer und Sickle Tat over mein heart und branded on mein left shoulder.

12/14/2006 6:49:34 PM
after you download it copy and paste it in "My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Logos"

12/5/2006 8:41:31 PM

Are you sure you installed it to the right spot? I don't download alot of mods because they don't tell you were to install them until AFTER you install it and access the readme. I guess what I'm saying is that I have the same question as Kimaira.

11/6/2006 8:38:01 PM
Thanks General Homsar! Now do you have any advice for me? I can't get any of these mods to work. I don't know what I 'm doing wrong. I save it to the right spot but whan I get into the game the mods aren't there.

11/5/2006 10:14:28 PM
We do forgive you. that one almost turned into a fflame war! (sorry...) :_ _ (

10/30/2006 6:19:51 PM
Hey now that you guys are actually listening to me, do you have any tips for me? I can't get any of these mods to work. I don't know what it is but logos, ships,pics or any other kind of mod I can't get to work. Any thoughts or ideas?

10/30/2006 6:14:28 PM
Hey, man it's a free country and if I want to be anti communism I think I just might. Unibrow I know you was just getting a pic for the game and I was JOKING A.K.A KIDDING when I said those first comments. Now I hope you ALL know that I was just messing around and I hope you ALL will forgive me. I mean JEEEZ it was a friggen joke. BIGOT what the hack are you talking about Azrune?

10/26/2006 7:18:32 PM
KIMAIRA you need to not be a bigot. I (being an old fashioned American) hate communism, but I don't just through my bigot opinions in everyones face.

10/22/2006 10:36:53 AM
Genral Homsar I was just kidding. You didn't have to pull out all the historical info........ but you did. This flag symbolizes communism. Ever played Civilization 3? What do you think the symbol for communism is? you guessed it. China is a communist country and iv'e seen this flag displayed in their country. Why would they fly a Russian flag? The russian flag is black, red and has stars in the middle.

10/21/2006 8:54:06 PM

First off, he's just putting a logo mod on the site.

Second of all, you need to stop screaming and calm down.

Finally, The H&S was RUSSIA'S symbol, NOT the symbol for Communisim in general. Said symbol is a sed or yelllow star. (don;t believe me? look at all the contreies that are Communist states' flags!)

10/21/2006 8:38:00 PM
I can't believe you! A communist flag?? Seriously, you make me sick.

10/17/2006 6:59:22 PM
AHHH MOTHERLAND!!! lol, no im not a commie, but they should have a commie gov in galciv2