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January 18, 2007
==== 1000+ Unique Star Names ====
For every version of the game i think, and languages too...

1000+ Star Names file that can be used in combination with Star Randomizer to experience a fully new fresh game every time... ENJOY ^_^
4/7/2007 11:03:32 PM
Thanks mate; this is exactly what I was looking for, because the original names, some of which were obviously from the Raymond E. Feist universe of names etc., were getting rather corny - I was looking for something that had the mystery of the MOO series without the pathetic gameplay of the lastest installment; hence, the search for star name mods. Thanks again!

2/27/2007 3:46:15 PM
Just wanted to say thanks again for this great mod and for the randomizer. It's made my games more immersive and - random :)