535 kb
2520 dls
March 2, 2007
Most of the sound effects in the game are really nice... but a few are not so great. This mod is compatible with any version of GC2 (including Dark Avatar) and is 100% Metaverse compatible.

The mod is small and replaces 5 sound files that were hurting my brain after prolonged gameplay.

1. The damaged electrical sound. Any Starship or Starbase that is badly damaged repeats this sound over and over. I've changed it so it's a very subtle effect. One that's now tolerable.

2. Invasion damage/attack sound. Just one file that was so annoyingly loud I had to turn my speakers down every time I went into planetary invasions. This has now been changed.

3. Installing this mod is super easy and the instructions are included in the readme.
3/15/2007 1:31:16 PM
Thanks, ground battles were really annoying before this :)

3/9/2007 9:44:03 AM
Thanks, now my eardrumd won't cry for mercy every time I play. :D

3/1/2007 9:30:08 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only neurotic person out there :)

2/28/2007 6:39:49 PM
Thanks for this:D

2/27/2007 11:35:53 PM
Forgot to mention, this is Metaverse safe.