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2340 dls
March 2, 2007
These updated icons have a very subtle change to them that makes them easier to discern on the map screen. They are higher contrast, extreme planet icon overlays.

This graphic update is 100% Metaverse compatible and is intended for Dark Avatar only.

To install:

Just drop in your \\My Documents\\My Games\\GC2DarkAvatar
folder and double click. That's it!


If for some reason you don't like the changes - this does not overwrite any original files. Just delete the files from the
\\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\Gfx\Overlays folder.
3/14/2007 4:58:45 AM
Nice mod.

2/28/2007 1:20:05 AM
It only works with Dark Avatar. The original GC2 does not have extreme planet types.

2/27/2007 11:58:39 PM
Does this have to be used with the Dark Avatar version?

Can it be used with versions b4 that?