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1546 dls
March 10, 2007
If you're like me, you've accidentally hit the "New Game" button a hundred times, when you really wanted to start a "Metaverse" game.

The common reflex is to go to the top of a start menu, vs. hitting a button buried in the middle. Since I couldn't move the buttons around, I edited them (you can't just do this in Photoshop since it's Desktopx code).

The "New Game" button is still clickable but slightly greyed out. The Metaverse button comes in 4 varieties. You can easily switch between them with the self-installing executables I include. There's Blue, Red, Blue with White outline, and Red with White outline.

This mod is only intended for Dark Avatar and is fully Metaverse compliant. I've included a screenshot in the zipfile as well - showing each set of buttons side-by-side.