3 kb
3110 dls
April 25, 2007
Start with all technologies, 30000 BU, and play as a custom race.

(Based on the original Battle of the Gods scenario, which forgot a few technologies and forced you to play as Terrans. This scenario adds the forgotten techs and lets you set up your own race.)

Requires Dark Avatar.
7/22/2013 3:52:26 AM
Playing it with Arnor.

7/22/2013 3:52:06 AM
Can u fix? Trying it with Torian tech, Super-Breeder and Suicidal, immense maps, super slow tech speed. Finding lots of bugs, such as sometimes when you spawn you have no capital city and 0 population!!

Also, you start with massive nerfs to your morale, and speed. Also, your initial ships move at speed 1!!!