18 mb
19149 dls
June 25, 2007
Formis Custom Race Pics and Movies Set 8

This set was suggested by JeremyG. It is actually a two in one set. It is a set of both a male and female rogue trader. I decided to do both male and female versions because I think there is a shortage of female character pictures.

ReadMe file included.
6/26/2007 4:54:14 PM
Formis6 is there a possibility of seeing your creations coming together in a single pack, preferably one that uses the mods folder to override the main game race images with those of your own?

Something like that would be fantastic as i really love your work!

As for hosting the final item that would not be an issue as you are welcome to use the Cybertron Shipyards > http://thegalacticcore.com

Great new additions!