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July 9, 2007
This mod changes the look of the Military starbase to something different.

Full install directions are included in the zip

Comments always welcomed (good or bad)


5/19/2008 12:59:38 AM
Ill try it thanks

8/5/2007 2:29:33 PM
This is feedback for each of the three Starbase Replacement mods. The purpose of the feedback is to help new people (me) figure out how best to manage their downloaded and installed mods.

Drengins-Mods.zip and Drengins-Mods2.zip:
Lots of empty folders within that archive. Are the necessary? Which files actually need to go where? This may be helpful when/if you're someone that has more than just Drengin's Mods installed. I think this is partly addressed with how the MilBase.zip only has 5 or 6 files and no folders. Depending upon your .zip archive options, my guess is that it's entirely plausible that someone will inadvertently wipe out his/her mod folder contents when trying to install this one mod.

There are no install instructions included within the Military Starbase Replacement archive "Milbase.zip". There is no folder hierarchy like there is within "Drengins-Mods.zip" and "Drengins-Mods2.zip" (good). But what folder do the five Milbase.zip files go into?

Archive names are inconsistent. Suggest renaming "Drengins-Mods.zip" and "Drengins-Mods2.zip" to something that describes which star base the mod archive is associated with (like "Milbase.zip" does).

Suggest publishing an all-in-one archive for all star base mods.
e.g., "DrenginsStarbaseReplacements.zip"

I'm hesitant to mod core game mechanics at this point so mods like these starbase mods and the high-res texture updates I've seen are wonderful for me. I'm already confused about how best to go about applying more than one mod from different authors into some working and consistent folder structure - one that won't blow up when Stardock next publishes an update to GC2.


7/21/2007 8:14:39 PM
Hey Drengin,

If us modders give appropriate acknowledgment are we allowed to us all your star bases in our mods? I think they rock!!!

Lynx xxx