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October 29, 2007
By Bluestreak101, StevenJ
Contact StevenJ61@aol.com

This ship pack includes thirty new craft, all based on the Terran ship style, unlike any other current Terran ship pack created thus far. This pack includes new frigates, starfighters, heavy starfighters, destroyers, and super capital ships plus special bonuses such as defense satilites, mobile spacestation model, and probes. It even has freightors, troop ships, colony ships, mining ships, constructors etc. You get the idea. All these are my design. If anyone wants to use these in any other mod, feel to use it just make sure to credit me and drop me an email to let me know. This took me quiet a while to compile so have fun! All you need to do is extract it to your Dark Avator Ship file in the mydocuments/ my games folder and start a new game with a race that uses the Terran ship style! Have fun. No fancy jewlery mods were used in the creation of this ship pack!

extract to C:\Documents and Settings\("Your Profile User name")\My Documents\My Games\GC2DarkAvatar\ships

More pictures of the ships in this pack are availble at this website.


11/19/2007 12:46:50 PM
I'll be honest, some of the larger ship designs I deleted pretty quickly (that's just me), but your fighter ship designs are totally kick ass. Overall, very well done.

10/31/2007 2:27:20 PM
this is an amazing ship pack I really love the mobile spacestation I would like to use these in my new transformers conversion Im making.Yes I know its been done already but this time its going to be done right.You'll see very soon it will be to big to upload in the library but any way I will contact you soon. really great