18 mb
14202 dls
January 5, 2008
This Mod REQUIRES that you first Download

Gauntlet's Race Mod 3
Gauntlet's Race Mod 4 UPGRADE

This will give you a total of 100 Race Images!
25 Custom Races! 25 Ship Sets (which don't oversize parts!)
35 Minor Races, and 70 Race Logos

You Can ONLY get ALL of this if you download all 3 Packs!

I apologize for the inconvenience but Star Dock only provides 20MB!
8/3/2008 11:44:52 PM
hi.. how can i make this work on Twilight of arnor.. ^__^

7/3/2008 8:09:41 AM
I have but one question. HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RACE???????

7/3/2008 7:58:13 AM
Thanks! This was an amazing pack! I love the new custom races! w00t!

2/22/2008 6:24:08 PM
Nevermind. I pulled everything out, downloaded the full version, installed just as it said, and it worked. Looks like the game copied the mod folder to my DarkAvatar folder all by itself. No idea why it didn't do that the first time.

2/22/2008 5:28:20 PM
!? I did the install and the two upgrades and the mod didn't show up at all. But then, we're putting the mod in the GalCiv2\Mods directory, not the GalCiv2\DarkAvatar\Mods directory. I moved the files under GalCiv2 to their corresponding folders in DarkAvatar and was able to select the mod. However, none of the new race's pictures appeared when selecting them and the game crashed when I started with one of them.

Is the mod really supposed to be in the GalCiv2\Mods folder or GalCive2\DarkAvatar\Mods?

1/9/2008 7:01:03 PM
Full Version download (all 3 parts compiled) for easier install located here:


1/7/2008 1:15:49 PM
Just give me a call (drengin at btinternet dot com) and i can set you up with your own area of the Cores server with unlimited space (within reason) :D

12/20/2007 10:17:43 AM
why not try using dregins site over at galactic core he can host alot more than 20mb an unlimted amount of space but you will have to pm him for the link.Or if all ealse fells just use filefront.