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June 30, 2008
Hey everyone what's up?

This here is the redesigned Earthling Cruiser starship from the Star Control 2 game.

I made alot of improvements with the realistic scaling of this ship and accuracy of detail.

She's a fine starship just don't forget to use the fire and forget tactics of the Nuclear Missles! HAHA!

Enjoy everyone and let me know what you think about this ship!

I like feedback!

= - )
8/23/2008 8:04:58 PM
Tried your Eartling Cruiser. It's great espically with photonic topedos almost just like Star Control game. No other missile works as close to Star Control. Thanks

6/17/2008 4:16:20 PM
A Strange coincidence this, I'm in the middle of trying my hand at making a mod that changes as much of the game as possible, into Star Control.
I'm still very new at this, and I can't even come close to making models like this. Good Job.