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August 19, 2008
*With Player Useable Shipstyle*

Vessels of the Lyran Star Empire; hated enemies and genetic cousins to the feline Kzinti Hegemony of the Star Fleet Universe. 20 Ship Classes, a Ship Style File so now you can pick the Lyran style ships during race setup, and 1 Lyran Race Logo.

Also I'd like to thank atlas7d and AggieJohn for providing some of the tiny ship hulls (again).

Zip File contains screenshots of all 20 Vessels:

Tiny Classes:
Cub starfighter; Wisker Shuttle; and L-ZY Klingon designed Starfighter
Small Classes:
Bobcat; and Cheetah
Medium Classes:
Alleycat; Mountain Lion; and Panther
Large Classes:
Hell Cat; Jaguar; King Jaguar; and Tiger
Huge Classes:
Cave Lion; and Lion
Cargo Classes:
Bengal; Cougar; Litterbox; Manticore; Pride; and Puma

These ships will only work properly with Twilight of Arnor expansion pack.

Simply unzip files(except for the ShipCfg folder) to their appropriate folders in: C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor\

Now for the ShipCfg folder:
Do not overwrite your ShipCfg folder! Take the files provided in the pack's ShipCfg folder and copy them to:
C:\Program Files\Stardock Games\GalCiv2\Twilight\Data\ShipCfg

Backup the older folder if you wish but it won't mess it up.
8/27/2008 11:10:11 PM
Thanks for all the Trek ships,keep up the good work Mike