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March 17, 2006
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March 9, 2006
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March 4, 2006
ReadME (Important!!!);

Anomaly pack v1.0a contents;

- Faulty Wormhole; Not every wormhole in the galaxy is what it seems. Sometimes a shroud of illusion covers the real treasure.
- Technical Error; Sometimes it just isn't your day...
- Sensor Upgrade; An advanced sensor drone was found amongst the debris and should rpovide valueble technological data.
- Flora in Space; Space-born flora presents some very enticing options... if you act quickly enough.
- Minerals Turned Awry; Not all things you find will help you.
- Valuables; But sometimes the things you find turn out better then you expected!
- Days of War; It's amazing to see the effect a few pieces of paper can have when spread amongst the right people, isn't it?
- Each anomaly has it's own unique picture!

P.S.; You won't find any villages in space anymore either

Install notes;

According to some people, the '.../my documents/mygames/GalCiv2/mods' directory doesn't work yet, so you'll have to follow the following instructions;

- Go to your main directory and enter the 'Data' folder and then the 'English' folder ('.../GalCiv2/Data/English'). Back up the original anomalies.xml.
- Extract the files into your main directory. All files should go into the apropriate folder. Overwrite the anomalies file when prompted (you follow step 1, right?)