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June 17, 2008
This little expansion adds a few more anomalies, and is more tested than the 2.0 version.

Adds new money anomalies for the most part.

This uses the game pictures because I am not the best artist in the world.

Thanks for downloading,
4 kb
1926 dls
June 17, 2008
This is version 2.0 of my anomalies series.
The former version (1.5)was released a long time ago.
This adds five new anomalies.
Please read the readme for installation instructions.
Thanks for downloading,
1 mb
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November 27, 2007
its my ultimate logo pack there are over 50 plus logos in it and there all custom done.so if anyone wants to use these for there conversions go right ahead you have my permission.to install just place in your my douctments logo folder.
28 kb
2483 dls
October 29, 2007
+ Nearly all functional components are now replaced with a blank model (invisible) and one hardpoint facing the same direction as the original hardpoint. (Exceptions are the (still) currently impossible: Colony, Troop, and Advanced Troop Module)
+ All weapons/defense/etc graphics still work
+ All blank components work as intended
+ The AI will use the Blank Modules, allowing for cleaner ships on their part (I have found this to be exclusive, tell me if you find a time other than the excepted modules where they don't)
+ Blank components separated into their own tabs for ease of browsing
+ One can make an entire jewelry ship (with the help of KHSM) and not mar it with components
+ One can install a ship from another work (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) and not mar it with components
+ Works with all races and bug-free (AFAIK)
+ Thumbnails for all blank components.
1 mb
2479 dls
September 13, 2007
Custom logos if anyone wants to use these for there conversions its okay you have my permission. to install just place in your my documents logo folder well enjoy.
9 mb
2992 dls
July 5, 2007
This little mod gives some alternate textures for the Asteroids in DA and the Wormhole GFX in both versions. Simple to Install and use, with no new game needed for them to show up.

The Asteroids are for DA ONLY!!
4 kb
3064 dls
July 2, 2007
This Mod includes the Ultimate Anomaly. It also includes a random effect thingie for other anomolies. Seven Possobillitys. Many more in Version 2.In Version 2 there will be totally random numbers to.
1 mb
1977 dls
May 31, 2007
I basicly made them the opposite to the DreadLords.

Peace lovers
Teal, not red ships
good alignments

tell me want you think of them.
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March 24, 2007
Add twenty new anomalies that include new ways to gain or lose money, new items to help boost civilization abilities, and some items to add some new flavor. All anomalies are listed in the readme file.

EDIT: This mod uses existing pics to keep the file size to an absolute minimum.
2 kb
2428 dls
February 22, 2007
Since the SubspaceAnnihilator weapon didn't come with DA :(
here is mine...


- just extract the file to any mods directory:


- subspaceannihilator (for stats open the file)
- changed doomray model(just the look) to an unused existing one, didn't like the old
- increased neutrino bullets damage to 12 instead of 9 -- however if you don't like it, just delete the whole weapon entry. I just made it to have an alternative to blackhole thingy, because my system lags badly when using it
1 mb
7093 dls
January 15, 2007
This pack contains 10 new anomalies which appear during gameplay. They do not replace the existing set, but add to them, offering new possibilities. Each anomaly also comes with its own original, unique image!

Tested and functional in v1.4x of GC2.

For more information and installation instructions, please see Readme.txt within the download.

Thank you and enjoy.
by JK
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December 19, 2006
the last lgo mod now with new portrait, new logo, and new raceconfig. no readme included.
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June 9, 2006
Two swords in crosswise. I'ts good. You know...what?!?!?!...Ok!
by zazu
15 kb
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June 9, 2006
The Starfleet Logo
800 kb
4088 dls
May 22, 2006
[Moderator's Note: We do not normally accept portraits of this kind but B5 series creator JMS has tended to be supportive of fan art so we are making an exception in this case].

If you don#t like it, never mind. Just wanted to add soemthing to the B5 feeling. :)
Unluckily I wasn't able to find a Shadow pic.