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March 4, 2006
Ever wanted the leader of your empire to be a woman? Well, here's your chance!

Install notes;

Just unzip into your '.../My Documents/My Games' directory and it should automatically be placed where it should go.
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March 4, 2006
Political Party pack v1.0a contents;

- Nationalists; Nationalists hold their nation, ethnicity or national identity as a "fundamental unit" of human social life. This strong and unwavering social structure allows for a much hightened morale (+30% bonus).
- Human Ecologists; The Ecologists study the relationships between human groups and their physical and social environments, alowing them to adapt to many external factors others would not be able to to. This also gives them great insight in the many different cultural societies. Ecologists receive a 20% boost in morale and influence.
- Communists; The Communists believe in a a classless and stateless utopian society where the resources and means of production are owned by communities rather than by individuals and where there is equal sharing of all freedoms, all work and all benefits. This gives a social production bonus of 30% and a 5% bonus to morale.


Read the ReadMe.txt in the zip for installation instructions!
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March 4, 2006
ReadME (Important!!!);

Anomaly pack v1.0a contents;

- Faulty Wormhole; Not every wormhole in the galaxy is what it seems. Sometimes a shroud of illusion covers the real treasure.
- Technical Error; Sometimes it just isn't your day...
- Sensor Upgrade; An advanced sensor drone was found amongst the debris and should rpovide valueble technological data.
- Flora in Space; Space-born flora presents some very enticing options... if you act quickly enough.
- Minerals Turned Awry; Not all things you find will help you.
- Valuables; But sometimes the things you find turn out better then you expected!
- Days of War; It's amazing to see the effect a few pieces of paper can have when spread amongst the right people, isn't it?
- Each anomaly has it's own unique picture!

P.S.; You won't find any villages in space anymore either

Install notes;

According to some people, the '.../my documents/mygames/GalCiv2/mods' directory doesn't work yet, so you'll have to follow the following instructions;

- Go to your main directory and enter the 'Data' folder and then the 'English' folder ('.../GalCiv2/Data/English'). Back up the original anomalies.xml.
- Extract the files into your main directory. All files should go into the apropriate folder. Overwrite the anomalies file when prompted (you follow step 1, right?)