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April 30, 2007
The Colonial Battlestar Galactica.

Original mesh by AncientAngel, textures by Zoic.

Thread: http://forums.galciv2.com/?forumid=348&aid=151042
Shipyard: http://thegalacticcore.com/shipyard/thumbnails.php?album=12
by rav8
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January 5, 2007
Battlestar Galactica Logo

by zazu
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April 15, 2006
For Battlestar Galactica fans, The flags that represent the 12 Colonies. Used as race logos, just unzip and then to use them in your game, just go to the my games folder in your documents, click on galciv 2 and drop them into the file labeled logos.

- this file happens to have the flag for aerelon which i mistakenly left out. oddly enough, i didnt notice there were only 11 not 12. fixed now though
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March 4, 2006
This is the offcial logo of The Colonial Fleet. It represents the Twelve Colonies of Man and shows the ancient symbol of the planet Kobol, the fabled birth planet of the human race. It is derived from the seal of the Colonial Battlestar Galactica (BSG 75). Feel free to use it as your Metaverse or in-game player logo. Instructions are included in the readme.txt file.