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December 25, 2006
I developed this mod to try and add another element of difficulty and another path to winning the game.
The Mod adds a new line of research which allows the player to start archeolgical digs and to research precurser technology.
Which eventually leads to being able to build improvements so the player can finally build a Precurser Sun-Flare Gun.

This gun is a true Dread Lord Weapon and can wipe out any ships with one hit. It will take almost as much time to research as a Technological Victory,
however, if you get the Sun-Flare Gun you should have no trouble winning the game by race annihilation unless of course other races have researched it as well.
Because of the time it takes the player will have to continue normal research methods, diplomacy and technological efforts or he may be destroyed before he can build the gun.
So it's a real toss up to which way you can and want to win. It's quite a challange.

So I hope you enjoy this. It's my first mod and it should work OK. I've tested it on GCII v1.4 If there are any problems, concerns, or constructive critisims, please let me know:

Email: cjljball@yahoo.com.au