18 mb
12114 dls
May 21, 2009
X-Com against many Alien races; Anthropods, Aquatoids & Sectoids - the whole concept from Apocalypse, Terror from the Deep & UFO:Defense.
In fact, three different mods in one including three extra Major Races; Interceptors(from X-Com), Thunderbirds(Yup, 1-2-3-4-5 Go!) and S-H-A-D-O (from the 80's TeeVee show known as UFO:Invasion).

This version updates the following;
- Introductory set of ships & fleets
- Tech Tree finalized
- Enhanced espionage assets
- Ultimate colonization & Extremes terraforming query tiles
- Plenty more!

* Refer to the /X-Worlds(News& Comments)/ thread in the Forums-Modding section for any essential observations.

Please, DO give me some Feedback or comments, suggestions, etc.
Play & Enjoy! ;)
10 mb
9163 dls
May 21, 2009
Approximately 165(+) Planets, plenty of Rings & Moons, specific RAW surfaces.
All of which directly related to the X-Com "Worlds" and with specific coloring patterns... zoom in, since some 'hidden' details will only be shown on query tiles by an all new concept for Terraforming & Extremes!

* Refer to the /X-Worlds(News& Comments)/ thread in the Forums-Modding section for further details.
451 kb
5859 dls
December 15, 2008
This mod adds Conglomerate of Zod, a stripped version of General Pant's Political Parties (that fits more seamlessly into the game) and Universal Ability Bonuses/Penalties. The Conglomerate does not replace any of the stock races, and is loaded as a regular custom race.

Do note that the Conglomerate comes with predefined bonuses and penalties and have all it's points spent. The spent points is how I intended the race to be played, but it's of course possible to reassign the points spent, or just go with the stock bonuses/penalties of the race itself.

The Conglomerate of Zod is originally based on the Korx, but with aspects of the Drath and Korath. It's got a unique tech-tree and a few changed improvements to match.

The Conglomerate folder goes into the mods directory, and the raceconfigxml goes along with the others; straight into the My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor.

The mod have been tested for Twilight of the Arnor 2.0. There may or may not be problems running it with other versions.

Please, if you try it out, I'd love comments on it. :)
3 mb
4949 dls
December 15, 2008
Minor Races which are 'assembled' as themes such as Star Trek (ready to use) & Super-Heroes, etc.
Must be unzipped as is into the usual CoSH mod folder & then, follow the readme file instructions to install properly.

18 mb
4917 dls
December 15, 2008
Super-Heroes, What else!
But, now... also includes 31 planets & Homeworlds, a whole bunch of new selection cursors and some specific Terrain Queries, Icons & Highlights.


* Please refer to the Modding section thread about CoSH for other comments.
237 kb
5220 dls
December 15, 2008
This mod will replace the Darth Empire with the Hyrule Kingdom from The Legend of Zelda series.

More info in the Read Me file.
2 kb
5885 dls
December 15, 2008
This is or all those who (like me) can not beat Campaign mode. This allows you to easily beat campaign in suicide difficulty. With so much firepower and technology you could literally take over a planet with 1 troop. Economy soars to the point where money is compostable. A single defender class starship becomes a fortress powerful enough to destroy a dreadnought fleet. In fact one defender and a war can scare your opponent into a peace treaty for all of their planets, influence points, money, technologies, and ships all at once.

9 mb
9682 dls
July 22, 2008
Asa RaceMod for TA v1.9a

-featuring a 13th unique Race,completely replacing the custom default race.
-goal of this mod is to deliver a seemlessly integrating unique race instead of the default custom race selectable

The Asa Race(Viking Gods) focuses heavily on terraforming/biology
ie. Planetary development, defensive tacticts and hull techs.

Please give any feedback, and report your suggestions and bugs at http://www.i-mod-productions.com/showthread.php?t=1104
or into

Credits to:

Kryo, for his KHSM mod, which has been partly implemented (all Torian FakeHulls)

Zyxpsilon for making the race logo & PI icons & query icons

NastyTang for great planet work

Stefan for his weapon fx and tweaking

No credits go to Gauntlet,since I found the race pic at an arts site long before his mod :P


1. Delete any older AsaRaceMod Folder
2. Extract the zip into ...\GalCiv2\Twilight\Mods
3. run asa.bat
4. select asa racemod in gameoptions screen
5. if the path still points to a ..\GalCiv2\Mods folder click default and repeat step 4 :)


v1.9b will be available soon, which will activate the asa specific terraincolorschemes and probably include some new gfx stuff.
Depending on feedback, maybe some general tweaks as well.

Happy testing
513 kb
4185 dls
July 22, 2008
This mod replaces TA's custom race with the Orgenesi Coalition, a species of tough, courageous serpent-like beings.

Custom Ship Style, which should work with the AI and any tech tree
Custom Tech tree, improvements, and ship components
Detailed tech descriptions and background story

I know it uses one of TA's extra race pictures and logos (though the logo is recolored), I like how they look. Same goes for the improvements. I may make my own logo later, but other than that...
382 kb
5290 dls
July 10, 2008
For all you halo fans out there, here is the Covenent, from Halo! They are beast at military, but have a short live to conquer the galaxy. Have extremly low everything exept military, but come with all the starter offence branches, including Adavnced Logistics (and all proceding), Space weapons (and all proceding),and Planitary Invation (and all proceding).

Please comment, and tell me if i spelled The Covenet wrong in the game. I am not the biggest on spelling, and i am also not the biggest on Halo. Comment with improvments.

All imiges (agian, cant spell) go to respected owner, readme included. Icon is not clear, i dont have photoshop, so if anyone can fix that... Greatly apreciated.

You will find that this race is mostly just for fun. But it is still fun to play with in a tiny galaxy.

Compatible with Gaunlet03's large race mods. May delete race logo number 1101, trade screen 1101, and race logo 1101.

14 mb
3452 dls
July 1, 2008
Static images spooling in somehow and yet obvious enough to represent Happy_Neutral_Angry_Small mindsets of the usual 39 races. Watch & Enjoy!

* Refer to the /X-Worlds(News& Comments)/ thread in the Forums-Modding section for more information.
415 kb
11628 dls
June 29, 2008
DOWNLOAD: http://www.i-mod-productions.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=78

Do not download the .zip file from this library, it does not contain the mod. Instead, download it from the link above.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.i-mod-productions.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=78
GC2 FORUM THREAD: http://forums.galciv2.com/316736
I-MOD FORUM THREAD: http://www.i-mod-productions.com/showthread.php?t=828
I-MOD SCREENSHOT GALLERY: http://www.i-mod-productions.com/photoplog/index.php?c=5

High Resolution Graphics Mod V2.0 for Twilight of the Arnor
by LogicSequence

This Mod:
> Enhances the textures for all the races' homeworlds.
> Adds new high resolution textures for secondary habitable planets in home star systems.
> Adds new and completely unique high resolution textures to all of the planets in home star systems.
> Replaces all Class 0 planet textures with high resolution versions, and adds over 100% more Class 0 planet textures!
> Replaces planetary ring and moon textures with new and original high resolution versions.
> Replaces planetary cloud textures with new and original high resolution versions.
> Replaces all nebula backgrounds with brand new, original high-res versions.
> Enhances the animated and static star graphics.
> Adds colored star light from different colored stars.
> Replaces various menu backgrounds in the game with easier-to-read versions.
> Changes the default UI and race color settings for each race to make them more distinguishable on the mini-map.
> Replaces the default Twilight planet textures with their high resolution versions.
> Adds many new and original planet textures only available in this mod.
> Nearly DOUBLE the amount of textures from HRGM v1.2!
> Textures optimized to take up the least amount of memory possible!

> Mod Creator: LogicSequence
> Art and Graphics: LogicSequence
> Mod Director: LogicSequence

Beta Testers:
> LogicSequence
> Boogiebac
> Kryo

Special Thanks to:
> Boogiebac
> Kryo
> I-MOD Productions for file hosting

Content ©2008 by LogicSequence and LogicTEK Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Images ©2008 by LogicSequence and LogicTEK Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Re-distribution of those images is specifically prohibited.

The High Resolution Graphics Mod (HRG Mod) is an amateur endeavour with no relations to any of the instances mentioned below.

Galactic Civilizations, Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy, Galactic Civilizations Deluxe, Galactic Civilizations 2: Dread Lords, Galactic Civilizations 2 Gold, Galactic Civilizations 2: Dark Avatar, and Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor, ©2003, ©2004, ©2006, ©2007, and ©2008 Stardock Corporation.

Galactic Civilizations, characters, names, and all related indicia are considered trademarks of Stardock Corporation and ©2003, ©2004, ©2006, ©2007, and ©2008 Stardock Corporation.
2 mb
14300 dls
June 2, 2008
Taken from THHGTTG mod, this mod adds a new class of Starbase: Artificial Planets!

Starbases and artificial planets now have to be researched. This mod is for DL, DA and now TA.

Version 0.5 fixes a major bug that was reported.
Version 0.6 adds DA compatibility and more interesting module names.
Version 0.7 fixes more bugs.
Version 0.8 adds TA compatibility.

7 mb
9023 dls
April 30, 2008
In this pack there are 51 STAR WARS race images each with there own logo.I also included the text of each of the races there history where there from. Stuff like that Thats all may the force be with you.
3 mb
2951 dls
April 3, 2008
The first stepp. 6 different races from the german SF Serie Perry Rhodan with a new intro, pics and logos BUT without ships. If I know how to create the export PNG files, the next version will include ships for evry race and a new tech tree.