9 mb
2790 dls
July 5, 2007
This little mod gives some alternate textures for the Asteroids in DA and the Wormhole GFX in both versions. Simple to Install and use, with no new game needed for them to show up.

The Asteroids are for DA ONLY!!
8 mb
11668 dls
April 23, 2007
These are add-in specualr and normal/bump maps for the NCC 1701 and NX - 01 Enterprise ships.

They can be used for either the Matther Thiel uploads or for the startrek mod, both DL and DA versions.

I find they are better with the specular set at roughly 50% or so, but this varies between ships.

As usual, just place into thegfx folder for where you have these ships placed. No need to start a new game for them to appear.