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December 15, 2008
This mod adds Conglomerate of Zod, a stripped version of General Pant's Political Parties (that fits more seamlessly into the game) and Universal Ability Bonuses/Penalties. The Conglomerate does not replace any of the stock races, and is loaded as a regular custom race.

Do note that the Conglomerate comes with predefined bonuses and penalties and have all it's points spent. The spent points is how I intended the race to be played, but it's of course possible to reassign the points spent, or just go with the stock bonuses/penalties of the race itself.

The Conglomerate of Zod is originally based on the Korx, but with aspects of the Drath and Korath. It's got a unique tech-tree and a few changed improvements to match.

The Conglomerate folder goes into the mods directory, and the raceconfigxml goes along with the others; straight into the My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor.

The mod have been tested for Twilight of the Arnor 2.0. There may or may not be problems running it with other versions.

Please, if you try it out, I'd love comments on it. :)