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July 26, 2006
After Playing a few games, which i enjoyed, i realised I didn't like the amount of space aboard ships. The fighter held 16 space while the huge ships had only 80. I also noticed that even at the end of my game the small ships took only a few less weeks to build than the huge hulls. I wanted huge battleships full of stuff, and fighters that could be built quick.

I made this mod which spaces out the hull sizes, making the tiny and small hulls even smaller, and the large and huge hulls... huger. The medium hulls were tweaked a bit but stayed about the same. I also tweaked the costs and speeds and HP.

I also noticed that the ship hulls did not have to be identical. I made a standard hull, then a more sacious hull and a more robust hull (HP) for each size. I also renamed the hulls.

This mod will make most of the pre-made ships not work, but you can still make your own as normal. I may increase the mod to add back in pre-made ships.

Just one file to this mod. place it in the GalCiv2\Mods\Default\Data folder.

I play tested it through a whole game, and it functions as it should; let me know if you have a problem.