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July 11, 2007

Beam Multiplier Field III comes after Beam Multiplier Field I?
Missile Bloom III comes after Missile Bloom I?
Omega Cannon I comes after Energy Grid???

This Needs some fixing...
So I proudly announce my patch that fixes up the starbase modules in the game.

I also included 15 new modules for military starbases.
And 4 new modules to defend your starbases.

19 altogether.
Installation instructions included, read the readme, thats why they named it that. :)
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July 7, 2007
This Mod Gives you begining ability options that are half the cost (or as cheap as I could make them) with double the actual bonus!

It also includes two new ability bonuses, Logistics & Miniturization.

Note: The Logistics options will not add that to your logistics ability, instead, they will set the option bonus AS you logistics ability, so there is a default option that is free and sets your logistics to a default of 6.

Version 1.4x and above only!
Unzip to whichever mod folder you want and have fun!

Some feedback on how to make it better would also be nice!