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July 10, 2008
Firstly, let me state for the record that this "mod," such as it is, is not intended to make any sort of judgment on the designers or anyone else associated with this game. In fact, it is primarily for my own personal use; as much as I love the game wholly, I have a somewhat quirky personality that "twitches" whenever I spot a typo or grammar error. This mod is the culmination of my efforts toward pacifying my "twitchy eye" as it were. I would only like to say this: I love the English language, with all its quirks and bizarre words. It is also a beastly language to wrestle with and I am by no means a professional grammarian; my love of the language is strictly casual. That being said, it's more than likely I've introduced a few of my own (I like commas, for instance; the times are a changing... the poor beast is dying a lingering death, I'm afraid.) I had initially started to comment all my corrections, but that got to be tiresome, so I subsequently removed most of the comments. The few that remain are for those few instances where there was a great deal of confusion (on my part) as to what was intended. I made the best choice that I could, from my limited knowledge, and hope that it suffices. I have otherwise altered no other files and hope that this will be looked on in the manner with which it is offered: a simply and humble token to the designer and the game community at-large, in appreciation for this delightful game that has devoured so much of my time already. Keep up the great work!

Now updated (finally) for v1.95... just in time for 1.96 to come out! :L