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July 10, 2008
For all you halo fans out there, here is the Covenent, from Halo! They are beast at military, but have a short live to conquer the galaxy. Have extremly low everything exept military, but come with all the starter offence branches, including Adavnced Logistics (and all proceding), Space weapons (and all proceding),and Planitary Invation (and all proceding).

Please comment, and tell me if i spelled The Covenet wrong in the game. I am not the biggest on spelling, and i am also not the biggest on Halo. Comment with improvments.

All imiges (agian, cant spell) go to respected owner, readme included. Icon is not clear, i dont have photoshop, so if anyone can fix that... Greatly apreciated.

You will find that this race is mostly just for fun. But it is still fun to play with in a tiny galaxy.

Compatible with Gaunlet03's large race mods. May delete race logo number 1101, trade screen 1101, and race logo 1101.