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July 7, 2009
A Dutch localization of Dread Lords. It is about 80% complete and focuses on high quality translations. Work is progressing steady, the end result slowly becomes visible.

Version history:
0.1 - First release, user interface & names of in-game objects mostly translated
0.2 - Tooltips, political parties, invasion tactics fully translated. Large part of negotiations translated. Quality improvements to existing translations.
0.3 - Modified some screens to make translated texts fit better in available space. Lots of work on translating negotiations further. Ability bonus texts translated, race descriptions translated. Hints, starbase modules, cutscenes translated.
0.4 - Modified more screens to make translated text fit better. Fixed a few errors in the text. Small updates.
0.5 - Port to Dark Avatar, including importing & adapting existing texts, translating new text, modifying screens. Negotiations translation completed.
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January 12, 2009
This script converts GC_Conversations.xml from Dread Lords to Dark Avatar format.

While porting my Dutch Language Mod from Dreadlords to Dark Avatar, I noticed that it was hard to copy/paste the translated texts in GC2_Conversations.xml, because the XML format had slightly changed. To aid in the conversion I wrote this little script that converts the GC2_Conversations.xml from Dread Lords to Dark Avatar format, after which it is trivial to copy/paste translated texts from the translated Dread Lords file to the the Dark Avatar file.

I make the script available through the GC2 Metaverse Library for the case it is usefull for someone else.