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December 1, 2013


+ New "Blank" hulls that consist only of a single disembodied hardpoint; create ships from only jewelry and components with no hull at all.

+ All hulls in the game are available as jewelry, including Dread Lord hulls (combined with blank hulls you can use any hull with any size or race, or multiple hulls at once).

+ "Fake" versions of Colony, Constructor, Transport, and Trade modules for making symmetrical ships. Includes the previously unused mirror version of the Constructor and Trade modules for correct Left/Right symmetry.

+ Hardpoint formations (disembodied hardpoint groupings). Includes single extension, dual mirrored, triple, quad, etc, up to a ring of 8. Also included are a cluster of 10 hardpoints for placing multiple items in one place, and a delta formation for making ships that look like groups of mini-fighters.

The mod has been restructured for 1.2, and now uses the mods folder. The various features of the mod are broken into multiple XML files as well so you can selectively disable the parts you don't want. More details in the readme.

READ THE INCLUDED README BEFORE USING!! You must start a new game to see the mod's effects; it will not work on a save made before installing it.
by kryo
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September 14, 2006
This "mod" brings KHSM's blank hulls feature back into the metaverse. Cheat flags sold separately ;)

Read the included readme for installation instructions. GC2 v1.2 or higher is required.

Kudos to Polarpawn for finding the method used to get the mod back into the metaverse.
by kryo