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September 14, 2006
This "mod" brings KHSM's blank hulls feature back into the metaverse. Cheat flags sold separately ;)

Read the included readme for installation instructions. GC2 v1.2 or higher is required.

Kudos to Polarpawn for finding the method used to get the mod back into the metaverse.
by kryo
10/23/2006 6:43:22 PM
What folder should I unzip the file to?

9/18/2006 4:04:49 PM
The method used can't be used to change anything that actually affects the game, only graphics. So I can't see it being closed off at all in a later version.

9/17/2006 9:46:45 AM
Excellent a metaverse mod. Please leave it be Stardock. Well done Kryo and Polarspawn.

9/14/2006 9:58:38 PM
Hey great job Kyro! I've got it working in the my Metaverse game- along with those custom ships I got in there now, it rocks!

9/14/2006 1:20:26 PM
Now we gotta hope Cari and crew dont close off this method like they did before :(

9/14/2006 1:17:24 PM
Dude you is the man !!!

Now i can get back to MV games again!!