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April 6, 2006
A fancy Skull and Crossbones emblem, necessary for all self respecting space pirates.

Simply extract to my Documents/My Games/Gal Civ/Logos

Updated, definitely a .png file and now has black background.
9/22/2006 8:35:48 PM
File is in .PNG format and works for me fine.

4/8/2006 8:53:47 AM
The new versions is back up and is definitely .png and now has a black background so it meshes better with the starground backdrop during play.

Oh just for the record the file always "was" .png so not sure why you had problems with it Stonewall?

4/2/2006 3:40:28 PM
should be in png, ill re-update it, needs to make the background black anyway - Neo

3/31/2006 12:00:11 PM
The file is not in .png format. It doesn't work for me. :( Too bad, its a very cool design.