3 kb
3614 dls
May 14, 2007
Thanks to kryo another update ;)
With this version your are not supposed to reinstall the mod after any patch

extract both files
to any modfolder

DL: your_drive:\..\GalCiv2\Mods\your_modfolder\Data
DA: your_drive:\..\GalCiv2\DarkAvatar\Mods\your_modfolder\Data

Have fun!

5/25/2007 11:22:10 AM
The mod seems to mess up the logistics points for a lot of the races. Quite often in my games now a race would end up not being able to form fleets due to the fact that they started with zero logistics, or worse yet, zero miniaturization points.

5/1/2007 11:15:15 AM

I wanted to contact you, but you're profile won't accept e-mails. I've been working on an update of your mod, and I need your permission to post it. Ok, actually, I already posted it, and Kryo pointed out how big a no-no that was, so I took it down. Sorry about that!

The new version also implements the colonizing abilities, Government, and Interest Rates, has the latest new english.str and abilitiesbonus.xml files (your current version uses older version), and incorporates tweaked altered costs.

Anyway, if you'd like, I can just give you what I have, and if you like it, YOU can post it. I don't care, really. I wanted to make the mod available.

Let me know...

General Pants

2/22/2007 7:46:25 PM
This is awesome, thank you Mr. Korx!

2/13/2007 1:44:31 AM
I'll update the mod asap, suiting DA.
However sould still work with >1.0

1/24/2007 7:13:09 PM
i have 1.40x will this still work?

7/4/2006 3:08:58 PM
I've made it so all the abilitys cost only 1 point. But i would like to know how i can get more points anyone know how?

4/24/2006 3:17:15 PM
I've started a thread in the modding forum, where you can discuss such issues as well as suggestions/proposals. Feel free to post them.

4/15/2006 6:08:33 PM
40% miniaturization is waaaay to overpowered for a measly 4 points, man.