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April 21, 2006
Ancient Sparta’s citizens — warriors all — would train nearly continuously in “gymnasia” for battle when they weren’t actually at war. If you’ve a starfaring civilization of warriors in your game, these “Planetary Improvements” might add just the flavor you need.

*** REQUIRES v1.1 or later of Galactic Civilizations II ****

To install: Place the included file in your “My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Mods\Data\PlanetImprovements” directory.

Military Academy:
(Required Tech: Space Militarization)
Martial training for our youth increases a planet's defenses.
Limit: 1 per planet
+10 Planetary Defense

Militia Training Center:
(Required Tech: Planetary Defense)
An intensive military training center makes our citizens more effective soldiers and increases the planet's defenses.
Upgrades: Militia Training Center
Limit: 1 per planet
+15 Planetary Defense
+03 Soldiering
+05 Planetary Economy

Planetary Fortress:
(Required Tech: Supreme Planetary Defense)
An entrenched martial culture makes our citizens excellent soldiers and experts at guerilla warfare.
Upgrades: Militia Training Center
Limit: 1 per planet
+20 Planetary Defense
+05 Soldiering
+05 Planetary Economy

And also...

Public Information Center:
(Required Tech: Good and Evil)
[Replaces Secret Police for free -- Good civilizations wouldn't be "disappearing" people -- but is identical in effect.]
By debunking dissident ideas, this center will give a boost to the base approval rating of whatever planet it's built upon by 20%.
8/29/2006 4:37:28 PM
got it to finally work. i just had to reroute it into an (installed Mod)/Data/PlanetImprovements folder. I don't know if that's where it supposed to go, but it works for me. I hope that helps some of you out there.

7/23/2006 1:22:05 AM
does not work

5/14/2006 11:47:22 PM
It doesn't work Whats going on?Heeeeeellllllllp

5/7/2006 7:58:29 PM
I've researched all the required tech all of them even started use mods setting

5/7/2006 5:46:26 PM
If you've researched the required tech, the appropriate improvement will appear in the list of things you can build when you select an available tile on one of your planets.

5/2/2006 12:51:30 PM
I downloaded it and placed it in the correct file now how do I get it to work please help