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November 13, 2013
This file contains 175 completely new planetary improvement icons plus 175 query icons. Additionally, many icons have could be useful in other colors, so I produced 80 variants of about a dozen icons. I hope these are useful
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January 28, 2008
This is a universalistic racial ability bonuses modification micromod project.

I did this simply because wanted to create a base reference for testing ability impact during game play and I figured this was the best way to achieve that goal.

I have decided to make it available to the public for fun. This should be the finial stand alone version. All future development work will be done via the Default Systems Comprehensive Modification Pack (DSCMP) as it is my primary mod project for GC.

In short what I did was to set each ability cost to one (1) point per 15% boost for all applicable abilities. I have also set a penalty option of 15% that gives back one (1) point if you choose for nearly all as well.Furthermore I rewrote all the descriptions and spruced up the code a very tiny bit.
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January 30, 2007
The Return of the Jedi, this time with the Sith Temple too.


PLEASE READ: to get the Sith Temple or the Jedi Temple, you need to research the Xeno Ethics tech and then (if you chose Good) you get the Jedi Temple (and if you chose Evil) you get the Sith Temple, if you chose to be Natural, you won't get either the Jedi or the Sith Temples - THIS MOD IS FOR GALCIV 2 DREAD LORDS VERSION 1.2 AND HIGHER
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January 15, 2007
Everything you could ever want... in a box.

The UHJC is basically a super cheap planetary improvement which gives the player enormous bonuses on said planet, HOWEVER, there is no restriction on other races using it, meaning that games remain at the same (or perhaps greater) level of challenge for people who play above "Fool" and "Subnormal" difficulties.

I use the UHJC when I want to play a game where techs are researched fast and you can wield massive armies and stupendous influence. Its not meant to cheat, but to make the game more "epic", if you will.

NOTE: Some users may wish to increase the economy bonus the UHJC creates, as it can be very expensive to maintain them early in the game (usually doubling the bonus works).
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November 11, 2006
Gives you a choice of what planetary improvements to build once you have researched more advanced ones. Also, improvements don't automatically upgrade.
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July 13, 2006
Dont you want to be a jedi? now you can! you can build your own Jedi Temple!
to all the ones who likes STAR WARS! this is including an improvment of a jedi temple and PNG picture.
and new tech named: Jedi Temple.
it can only be build in Good Alignment, but all the moders out there can change it to
whatever you want!
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June 9, 2006
Have you ever wanted to build more cities on your planet?
now you can, with my new mod!
it lets you build on your planet more cities besides your Civilization Capital and you Initial Colony.
On each planet you can build only two.
Requires v1.0 or later of Galactic Civilizations II
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April 21, 2006
Ancient Sparta’s citizens — warriors all — would train nearly continuously in “gymnasia” for battle when they weren’t actually at war. If you’ve a starfaring civilization of warriors in your game, these “Planetary Improvements” might add just the flavor you need.

*** REQUIRES v1.1 or later of Galactic Civilizations II ****

To install: Place the included file in your “My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2\Mods\Data\PlanetImprovements” directory.

Military Academy:
(Required Tech: Space Militarization)
Martial training for our youth increases a planet's defenses.
Limit: 1 per planet
+10 Planetary Defense

Militia Training Center:
(Required Tech: Planetary Defense)
An intensive military training center makes our citizens more effective soldiers and increases the planet's defenses.
Upgrades: Militia Training Center
Limit: 1 per planet
+15 Planetary Defense
+03 Soldiering
+05 Planetary Economy

Planetary Fortress:
(Required Tech: Supreme Planetary Defense)
An entrenched martial culture makes our citizens excellent soldiers and experts at guerilla warfare.
Upgrades: Militia Training Center
Limit: 1 per planet
+20 Planetary Defense
+05 Soldiering
+05 Planetary Economy

And also...

Public Information Center:
(Required Tech: Good and Evil)
[Replaces Secret Police for free -- Good civilizations wouldn't be "disappearing" people -- but is identical in effect.]
By debunking dissident ideas, this center will give a boost to the base approval rating of whatever planet it's built upon by 20%.
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March 30, 2006
For this mod I simply gave each empire a total of 30 Planet Quality (PQ) points for home systems. I allocated the points in various amounts based on the play style I observed from several games using the Tough AI configuration.

Additionally the "custom empire" homeworld and other inhabitable planet now have a different standard texture and a moon. Furthermore I disabled planet four and five as well.