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May 6, 2006
This is version 2.0 of the Aurora. changelog:
- increased size by 50%
- optimized texture maps (you now only need the 2 included texture files, delete the old ones if you got v1.0 of the model)
- added thumbnail picture (called S0_Aurora.png)
- fixed lighting bug (light comes from the top now, not from below the ship)

This ship now comes with an installation guide in order to add it as a tiny human ship hull without having to overwrite existing models. Read the included readme.txt for details.
1/27/2008 1:15:15 AM
is this supposed to look like the aroura bomber from the old command and conquer games?

7/8/2006 4:58:36 PM
I have place everything in the correct place and the ship appears, I can add components to it but when I save it the game crashs. I started again and same thing, tried again it saved but then crash when I started new game it was there I tried to buy it but the game froze. Any idea/s what is going on has this happened to anyone else?

P.S the Aurora looks great nice job.

5/20/2006 3:10:41 PM
Tahnks Coplann, looks like i had the old aurora file and not the new one, that didnt have the thumbnail file, i entered all the files like yoy said and looks like it worked, the aurora was in the tiny file of shipyard, now to fix the other stuff before work,

5/20/2006 6:43:33 AM
as it says in the readme, you need to put the S0_Aurora.png into the thumbnails folder, everyrthing else (X-File and textures) goes into the models-folder. now if you add the XML code from the XMLExmaple-File into your GC2Types.xml it should work without problems if you did it all right (as tiny human hull). if you rename the X-File and overwrite an existing X-File with it the Aurora should appear in place of the overwritten one, in that case you dont need the XML code, but the Thumbnail wont work either unless you overwrite the appropriate thumbnail too.

5/19/2006 6:50:28 PM
Coplann, I`m having some trouble putting the files into main directory. I follow the instructions. But not sure if I`m doing it correctly.
1st - i copy the png(photos) to the models section
2nd -this is were i think im messing up. i would change the aurora.x to S0_Small_0 but when i research or get the tech for this ship, the aurora doesnt show up, just same old ship.
If anyone can explain on what im doing wrong and how to fix i would gladly appreciate it.

5/7/2006 10:23:45 AM
Oh, I don't plan on using this for anything B5 related, I just want more hulls. Stickman9000 figured out how to do Civcolor with hus animated cargo hauler hull...

4/29/2006 5:50:20 AM
I will probably resize it as soon as someone from Stardock told me how to fix the lighting (e.g. for some models I did the lighting is correct, for some others however the light comes from the downside not from the upside making the models appear darker than other models ingame).

as for civilization colors, Stardock until now didnt tell us really how those work in terms of texturing. I guess that they simply leave certain hull parts untextured with a special name, or maybe a special "empty texture" (similar to how dummies named E0, E1, E2... are invisible in the ship constructor but add engine exaust to the ship there). Anyway, for B5 you dont need or want civ colors anyway. Only humans use Thunderbolts, only Minbari use Nials etc...

4/23/2006 5:49:36 PM
A few comments- The model seems quite small. It is much smaller than the standard Terran tiny hulls. Also, its textured so that the civilization colors you pick don't show-- fixing this would be nice. And finally, like all your other models, this has no thumbnail png.

4/16/2006 9:24:37 PM
How do I rate this? I want to give you 5 stars. This amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

4/16/2006 9:06:03 AM
The name of the file was "EF Aurora.zip" when I uploaded it, however the library doesnt support spaces in a name it seems and gives you the file EF without any endings.

Please rename the file to Aurora.zip (or anything.zip) and extract just normaly then. I will upload a version with a space-less name soon.