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May 10, 2006
Omega Ship Pack01 From kenwebb Omega shipyard
Version 1.0 are higher
Collectors Edition needed
Warning: Some of the ship have extensive jewelry and may effect your game.

Race Altarian (all ship)
Hull are small to Huge

A-01sc Medium hull (Strike Cruiser)
A-11pc Medium hull ( Patrol Cruiser)
A-12bc Large hull (Battle Cruiser)

Large Hull-02 (Dreadnought)
Huge Hull-01 (Battleship)
Huge Hull-03 (Titan A-01)
Huge Hull-04 (Titan A-02)
Huge Hull-06 ( Leviathan)
A-02sc Huge Hull (Star carrier )

Small Platform-01
Medium Platform-02
Both are Orbital Weapons Platforms

Installing: unzip files and put all file in my game/Galiv2/ships directory
Make copies of anything you replace