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June 9, 2006
E-stab's Tech Tree Modification
- more effects & higher costs -
Version 1.0 (12-May-2006)

Backup and replace your file in \GalCiv2\Data\English\ with this techtree.xml.

All changes listed below are additional effects, except when they replace old effects.
No tech prerequisites have been added or changed, only tech costs and direct effects.

- reworked all tech costs to be higher and increase more further up the tree

- every new drive type gives +10% trade
- the three trade techs give +25% trade, "neutral shipping" gives +50% trade
- "xeno business" and "xeno cultural trends" now give +25% trade

- halved the range bonuses given by the support techs (to +10%/+20%/+25%/+25%)

- "advanced hulls" and "superior hulls" now give +10% hitpoints
- "reinforced hull design" and "hardened hull design" now give +25% hitpoints

- the four economic techs now give +10% economics and trade
- "galactic stock exchanges" even gives +20% trade

- the four industrial techs now give +10% social and military production

- the three terraforming techs now give +5% morale
- the four morale techs now give +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% loyalty

- the five diplomacy techs now give +10%/+15%/+20%/+25%/+30% diplomacy
- the three government techs now give +10% diplomacy and influence
- the six influence techs now give +10% influence (+20% for "cultural conquest")
- the moral alignment techs now give +10% diplomacy and influence
- "concepts of malice" and "concepts of righteousness" give +25% loyalty additionally

- the first five research techs (those giving new buildings) now give +5% research
- "neutrality learning centers" now gives +10% research
- "deeper knowledge" now gives +10% research
- "galactic understanding" now gives +10% diplomacy, influence, economics and production
- "near omniscience" now gives +15% weapons, defense, hitpoints, soldiering, miniaturization and +5 logistics
- "beyond mortality" now gives +25% morale and +50% loyalty

- each new weapon type (not the mark x ones) gives +5% weapons, +10% for the last
- the three "evil" extra weapon techs now give +15% weapons
- each new defense system (not the mark x ones) gives +5% defense, +10% for the last
- the four "good" extra defense techs now give +10% defense
- each logistics tech gives +1 logistics more
5/12/2006 8:33:34 AM
A thread about the modification can be found here: http://forums.galciv2.com/?ForumID=348&AID=117180