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January 12, 2009
Changes TA's weapon trees to DA's weapon tree/progression, removing racial unique weapons in the process.
Also modifies Subspace Blaster and adds Subspace Annihilator as a ship component, per request; see readme for details.
Original thread is here: http://forums.galciv2.com/335067
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January 28, 2008
This is not the Beta. This is the real thing. Please read the readme for complete instructions for installation and more detailed upgrades to the game.
Thanks for downloading,
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November 27, 2007
A Stargate mod that offers new techs and focuses on Replicators.
125 kb
11677 dls
February 4, 2007
This download is not complete. Why? It was to large! does it work without the missing file? Yes! The only thing that you wont have is the alternative technological victory movie (which in the mod is actually ment as a stargate movie). How ever, you can download this file from this url so you can still have it if you like. How to install it is in the readme included with the file you download from here:

49 kb
2687 dls
August 23, 2006
For marathoners only! When you play a game past the end of the Tech Tree, your scientists kick back with a cold one and never work again! Not so with this mod!
At various points during the game the scientists will celebrate their achievements with an Office Party. Once the Tech Tree is fully researched, the party ends when all of your research facilities will be demolished to make room for productive improvements.
(Notes: Modifies the Tech Tree by adding "Office Parties". These are in place to determine when the 30 "research lines are complete". There are four "Office Parties" because an individual tech can only have 8 prerequisite techs. An alignment specific final Party confirms the tree is completed, which enables a Planetary Improvement to upgrade the research facilities as if they had just been Terraformed.
The "Office Party" techs were given a cost of 300 to keep them from appearing as optional techs during character creation. If you finished the Tech Tree, I believe this cost is negligible. The cost to "upgrade" to a blank square is the same as demolition, which means you can get the same effect manually if your patient enough to go through every planet. Because of these two factors, I don't believe this mod adjusts game balance.
Some of the Tech Tree display graphics get a little squirrelly - some new techs appear behind every prerequisite tech and some appear on their own line. It doesn't seem to effect their function or dependencies. Enjoy!)
30 kb
3888 dls
August 16, 2006
Ever Tire of playing the game with too much technology to research and end up beating the game with attaining only mediocre weapons such as graviton beam? Well here is the solution, a fix created to reduce the time it takes to achieve technolgies and yet still having fun researching the best technologies possible. This was a very tidious expedition. It took over 5 hours to complete, with taking many averages between technolgies in there same category and so forth. By the way this was created with version 1.2. but can be played with all versions(see notes below)*
Thus, it is all accurate and holds in my opinion the best technology tree possible. No manipulations in any other code are needed to do with the game whatsoever, only to the techtree.xml file. All you do is make a backup copy of the old techtree.xml(in case you want to use it again) and replace it with this one in GalCiv2\Data\English folder. The only change I have made is changing hyperwarp III to the new name: "Ludicrous Speed" -from Spaceballs(it seems to suit the title well). Everything else comes from Stardock's configurations. Have a go at it and see what you think of this. Good Luck and enjoy!!

* NOTE!!!::: There has been some confustion and here is the clarification: Make sure that you only copy and paste the file "Techtree.xml" inside of the folder I labled -Techtree mod-. Reason: Because the game will crash after you delete the main techtree.xml file if you only copy the "TECHTREE MOD" into the directory becuase the game is looking for the file I made and not the folder I put it in. Also do not put the file in the mod folder that stardock created, because if you just deleted the file in the main directory and put my creation in the mod folder the game will crash because its searching for the main file that you deleted. Remember this also, do not load a saved game with this techtree.xml file because the game might create another copy of this file and or not work because this file was not with your old saved game!! YOU MUST START A NEW GAME WITH THIS FILE. Hope that clears up the confusion, if any.

Layman terms: After download, inside the folder -Techtree mod- copy the file "Techtree.xml" and paste it in the main folder GalCiv2\Data\English and nothing else but sit back and enjoy this!!

PS> Remember if you update the game to a new version you must either re-download this file and put it back in the directory or just put the file back in, otherwise you wont have this techtree!!

PS2> Remember I said to put it in the main folder, but you can actually put it in the mod folder to, that way you don't have to lose your original techtree.xml file...either way it's up to you, the user to decide!! have fun -Viithtrump
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July 13, 2006
don't you think that the Empire is really nothing without her Stormtroopers? build some clones training centers
and send them out to conquer the galaxy now with my new mod!

Requires v1.0 or later galciv 2 version

for more info you should go to:
135 kb
4753 dls
July 10, 2006
Now take your clones into action use Stormtroopers or the regular Kamino Clonetroopes to conquer a new world!
this is really simple just take your troop transport and use this new Star Wars invasion tactics to liberate
or to set order in the enemy planet!

Requires v1.0 or later galciv 2 version and my second mod of STAR WARS Cloning Machine
299 kb
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June 29, 2006
This particular mod tweaks the tech tree a little. - By NoX
Added "Advanced Power Armor" +20 Bonus To Soldiering.
Added "Battle Mechs" +20 To Soldiering
*Techs Are Located Under the Galactic warfare/Space Militarization/Planetary Invasion Category.
Added "Espionage Center" +5 to Espionage Ability
Added "Novice Espionage Academics" +10 to Espionage Ability
Added "Expert Espionage Academics" +10 to Espionage Ability
Added "Master Espionage Academics" +10 to Espionage Ability
Added ""Chameleon Stealth Suits" +5 to Espionage,+5 Soldiering Ability
*Techs are located under Xeno Communications/Universal Translator category.
I felt this game needed a Stealth boost and a little soldier upgrade,
I have included the Galciv 1.2 version tech tree with the added techs.
I have NOT changed or removed anything else from this mod, you can
simply make a back up file and store your old tech tree. To Implement this mod, simply extract Techtree.xml to....Galciv2/Data/English or
Galciv2/Mods/Default/Data. Enjoy - NoX
38 kb
3668 dls
June 9, 2006
E-stab's Tech Tree Modification
- more effects & higher costs -
Version 1.0 (12-May-2006)

Backup and replace your file in \GalCiv2\Data\English\ with this techtree.xml.

All changes listed below are additional effects, except when they replace old effects.
No tech prerequisites have been added or changed, only tech costs and direct effects.

- reworked all tech costs to be higher and increase more further up the tree

- every new drive type gives +10% trade
- the three trade techs give +25% trade, "neutral shipping" gives +50% trade
- "xeno business" and "xeno cultural trends" now give +25% trade

- halved the range bonuses given by the support techs (to +10%/+20%/+25%/+25%)

- "advanced hulls" and "superior hulls" now give +10% hitpoints
- "reinforced hull design" and "hardened hull design" now give +25% hitpoints

- the four economic techs now give +10% economics and trade
- "galactic stock exchanges" even gives +20% trade

- the four industrial techs now give +10% social and military production

- the three terraforming techs now give +5% morale
- the four morale techs now give +5%/+10%/+15%/+20% loyalty

- the five diplomacy techs now give +10%/+15%/+20%/+25%/+30% diplomacy
- the three government techs now give +10% diplomacy and influence
- the six influence techs now give +10% influence (+20% for "cultural conquest")
- the moral alignment techs now give +10% diplomacy and influence
- "concepts of malice" and "concepts of righteousness" give +25% loyalty additionally

- the first five research techs (those giving new buildings) now give +5% research
- "neutrality learning centers" now gives +10% research
- "deeper knowledge" now gives +10% research
- "galactic understanding" now gives +10% diplomacy, influence, economics and production
- "near omniscience" now gives +15% weapons, defense, hitpoints, soldiering, miniaturization and +5 logistics
- "beyond mortality" now gives +25% morale and +50% loyalty

- each new weapon type (not the mark x ones) gives +5% weapons, +10% for the last
- the three "evil" extra weapon techs now give +15% weapons
- each new defense system (not the mark x ones) gives +5% defense, +10% for the last
- the four "good" extra defense techs now give +10% defense
- each logistics tech gives +1 logistics more
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May 22, 2006
This is a modified TechTree with research costs 8 times more expensive. It is just kind of a very very slow Tech Tree.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Kisses from me...

Edna K.
39 kb
4666 dls
April 21, 2006
I got sick of having to send ship after ship to invade planets. After reading a superman comic i realized what it was that was missing. There needed to be more powerful soldiers and more powerful invasion tactics. So i created this mod. The game is still balanced because both you and your opponents can research these techs. After downloading just replace your files with mine. Happy invasions!