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June 9, 2006
Omega Imperial Ship Pack 02
(Finely we will crush the Rebellion once and for all)

All ship design from the Omega Shipyard see the post here on the Galciv2 forum for detail screen shots and further development.

Version 1.1 or higher
Collectors Edition needed
Omega Mod 1.0

Race Human (all Ship)
24 ship total
hull type: tiny to huge
Warning: Some of the ship have extensive jewelry and may effect your game.

Installing: unzip files open ships folder and put all file in (My Documents/My game/Galciv2/ships) make any copies of anything you replace.

The Omega Mod files need to be installed first for the Imperial ship Pack to load popularly.

Tiny Hulls
Darth Rader
Tie Fighter II
Tie Interceptor II
Tie Defender II
Small Hulls
Sith Infiltrator II
Medium Hull
Sith Cruiser
Sith Strike Cruiser
Imperial Victory III
Large Hull
Imperial Prosecutor
Imperial Talon
Imperial Vindicator
Imperial War Blade
Huge Hull
Imperial Star Destroyer III
Imperial Supper Star Destroyer II
Imperial Star Carrier
Imperial Aires Star Destroyer
Omega Star Destroyer
Sith Death Force
Cargo Hull
Imperial Troop Shuttle
Sith Transport
Imperial Freighter
Imperial Acclamator II
Imperial Constructor
Omega Freighter
1/25/2007 5:29:51 AM
I've had a look at your Star Wars fleet and they do not look like anything from the film. I weep with disapointment because there seems to be no one on this site who can create proper Star Wars mods.

6/17/2006 11:55:22 PM
If you are using 1.2 you may need to move the Omega Mod files to ether the new mod Directorie locked in Galciv2 main directorie and then in the game option select the mod or to the main Models files ( C:\Program Files\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\Gfx\Models ) make any copys of files you replace but there should be none