668 kb
3471 dls
June 22, 2006
This is my Startrek Disruptor effect + sound

you only have to put the files in the right directories so don't forget to make a backup

Good looking on Klingonships ;)

Have Fun and mail me
1/11/2007 3:49:09 PM
Nice 1 m8

8/30/2006 5:29:18 AM
into the galciv2\gfx\weapon\ directory


8/12/2006 11:39:09 PM
Where the hell do I put this!? Hello!

8/12/2006 11:32:21 PM
Looks great i'm gonna download it.

7/8/2006 6:52:15 AM
Im not sure if you can mod that, didnt found out yet

7/8/2006 6:51:21 AM
@ Silver arrow: No its a basic element of our Startrek Mod, but I can tell you how you can make your own disruptor in 5 minutes!!!

take the animation file of the mass driver or any similar animation what looks like a fast projectile
take the addicted png file and change it in form and colour . change the Gc2types.xml file:
the weapon must be changed into beam ( that gives the fast shoots after the other)
voila finish!
but promise me you make it in that way and dont take this mod for an other Startrek Mod

I think that is just fair

good luck with your own disruptor ;) (Its really simple and I swear you feel better when you do it self ;)

7/4/2006 3:25:55 PM
scratch my last post. But is it possible to make a mod that will shoot all guns on the ship at the same time?

7/4/2006 2:32:58 PM
Is it ok if i use your Disruptor effects in one of my mods?