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November 11, 2006
Alternate Reality is a mod which currently adds more than 100 new techs to replace most techs from Gal Civ 2. At the moment it has five new races, and the ability to easily create your own custom race with a unique combination of technologies.
New improvements and components come together to completely alter Galactic Civilisations!
Please read the readme included in the zip file.
If the download looks funny, rename it to have a .zip at the end, then you can open it.
All feedback or queries to alternate.reality.mod@googlemail.com.
5/12/2013 1:33:26 PM
With the exception of chaotic tech tree and a hard to read tech tree XML file for modification, it is a good thing

8/12/2008 7:27:10 AM
It's probably because the mod was done for the original GalCiv II, I dunno if it'll work with the expansions.

6/23/2008 7:36:57 PM
I couldn't get it working. I extracted to the correct folder, I extracted to my fav mods file, it just doesn't want to start up.

2/8/2007 3:00:07 AM
Yeah, this mod won't work with Battle of the Gods, because of the custom tech trees. As for turning off Battle of the Gods, don't you just select a different scenario? Or did you mean something else?

2/1/2007 10:59:11 AM
In Battle of the Gods none of the techs are researched. If there's no way of fixing it thats ok i just need to figure out how to get it off. My computer isn't working that well especially w/ GalCiv 2 running. But other than that great mod.

1/6/2007 2:54:58 PM
Gj, really nice.

9/1/2006 5:56:10 AM
Hmm, that's odd. Was it one race in particular or all of them? I found the AI were fine researching engines.

8/31/2006 4:07:22 PM
For me, it seems that the AI does not want to research any engine upgrades, giving me a HUGE tactical advantage.

8/11/2006 10:08:38 PM
Whoa dude this mod is so damn awsome!

7/19/2006 8:24:08 PM
Not a bad mod... just takes a little getting used to.